Negotiating #Adventure-Sport’s Open Relationship

Hi #AdventureSport,

You and I, we’ve had a bit of a thing going for a while, but I never really felt 100% accepted, until #vanlife came along. You know #vanlife pretty well these days, and it’s sibling #vancation. You are all way past “netflix and chill”, which means you’re understanding vehicles are part of the scene. Remember when talking about a vehicle in the context of self-propelled adventure got you kicked out of REI or MEC’s beds? Yah, I flirt with those guys too, they really know #gear. So, we’re not exclusive anymore, are we #AdventureSport? I hope not, because I’m into #motorcycle and #overland too, though not near as much as you #AdventureSport.

Now with #vanlife on the scene, we’ve got rock climbers, runners, mountain bikers, cyclists, mountaineers and others bombing around the continents, seeing the world, snapping selfies in and with their vehicles. They’re lounging lasciviously on sleep platforms, shooting pics of gorgeous views, and posting about great free campsites. They’re even comparing notes on specs, and builds, and having informal meetups on their various adventures. In other words, they’ve bedded down with #overland.
Is #overland, #vanlife’s partner? How’s #overland feeling about this, or is this all on the quiet? They both seem really into #outdoors, is it a thrupple?

How are you feeling about that #AdventureSport?

I mean, sure, a clapped out Sprinter may not have the same cache, or maximalist ethos, as an Earthroamer. Dollars to doughnuts though, there going the similar places, to see similar sites in the name of #adventure. Likewise, #motorcycling (#advriding in particular) is an enabler for similar destinations. Have we all grown up enough to hang out together? It really seems like none of us are exclusive anymore. And, even those of us who are, well, we share friendship with #outdoors in common don’t we? Hell, even #hunting and #fishing hang out with that guy.

What I’m saying #AdventureSport, is I think we’re in an open relationship, maybe even a poly-amorous one? You’re hanging out with a lot of folks, who weren’t in your circle a few years back – heck you even snubbed some of them. So, is it ok, if I hang out with them too? It doesn’t mean we love each other less, love isn’t a pie – you’re not getting less. I’m going to hand out with them anyways, so I may as well be up front about it.
In fact, I’m going to be writing about this a lot in the future.

Anyway #AdventureSport, some folks, photographer Kevin Miklossy, and I are putting together a pad where we can all hang out together; it’s called We want to explore “adventure in all forms” there, so it aims to be pretty inclusive – there’s a lot of common ground these days.

If it’s okay with you #AdventureSport, that means “spending time” with #outdoors, #ultrarunning, #hiking, #adventure, #travel, #motorcycling, #ultrarunning, #overlanding, #vanlife, #SUPping #kayaking, #mountaineering, #fishing? Maybe even #rockclimbing… Though, I haven’t seen him in a long time. He’s a pretty intense, you can’t half-ass a relationship with that guy.

Anyways, #AdventureSport, it’s going to be a heck of a party. Hope you’re willing to play, because, you’re really the star of the show.

Neil Johnston


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