10 Essentials of Outdoor Survival for Ultrarunners and Day Hikers

The difference between front and back country, is one slip, one mistake, one lapse of judgement away — and that can happen only a couple miles from the trail head. The “ten essentials” of outdoor survival are your insurance should that razor thin difference cut, and you need to overnight on the trail, or wait for rescue.

Hoka One One Speed Instinct 2 Review

How I longed to love this shoe. Hoka had rectified the previous Speed Instinct’s shortcomings of a cramped toe box, spongy response, and improved traction. The first item of that list precluded me from the use of the shoe’s first generation. So dropping $160.00CND/130USD on a shoe should render glorious trail run fun. Well, mostly it will leave you and your bank account feeling shorted.

Getting Traction: Winter Ice and Snow Running

Another round of cold weather, with predicted rain or snow potentially making slick conditions on the local trails and seawall even slicker, has a few runners in my circle asking, “How do I safely train in this?”  So, a few tips on equipment and preparation, to reduce the risk of slipping and injuring yourself while…