Adventure Running the Badwater Basin in Death Valley

Following running Rim to Rim to Rim in Grand Canyon, I was in the neighbourhood, and so stopped by Death Valley to go for a run in the Badwater Basin. I didn’t do the full crossing, since what made for a great day running, also made for a tough one, meaning I didn’t have the…

Running Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim to Rim

At the North Kaibab Trailhead of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, my watch’s GPS says I’ve run 44.54 kilometers before my return run to the South Rim. That’s a wrinkle, as I’ve only packed “nutrition” for a total 76.5kms based on my research.

Cactus to Clouds, or How to Outrun Hypothermia in Palm Springs

About 3.5 miles from the summit on the Cactus to Clouds, 10,400 feet (3,170 meters) of total vertical and 21 miles from Palm Springs to San Jacinto Peak, I conclude malevolent weather is the trail’s forte. Freezing rain, slush, and frigid wind have taken me to the edge of hypothermia outside Palm Springs – just for the irony.

One Day Expedition: Indian Arm

Photos: Kevin Miklossy & Bart Stockdill The text message comes in, “Looks like Indian River blockade is passable on a quad or dirt bike, didn’t go any further on account of being alone and sunset.”  The blockade in question is a 15-plus foot high cement barrier intended to keep all users off the Indian River…